To add a property boundary to a sale, open the mapping section on a sale; it can be an existing sale or a new sale.

Click on Load Map and zoom to the area desired.

There is a “Boundaries” drop down button, that includes five options: Add Boundaries, Export to KML, Import from KML, Boundary Color and Fill Opacity.

There are 2 ways to enter boundaries.

The 1st method is to manually place the polygon points.

 In the boundaries drop-down, choose Add Boundaries. On the map, click where you want the 1st polygon point.

Click on the second point

After 3 points are added, the area will auto fill. You can still add more points by clicking on the next boundary point.

After adding all polygon points, click on Done. A pin will automatically drop in the center of the polygon


The 2nd method is to import a KML file generated by another program such as Google Earth or Surety mapping (in this example, Google Earth Pro is used).

To export the KML from Google Earth, right-click on the polygon in the places window and select Save Place As…, navigate to where you want to save the file and click Save.

In the DataLog sale editor, click Load Map, then click on Boundaries and select Import from KML.

Navigate to the location of the saved KML and open it. It will automatically drop the pin on each polygon.

   The Boundaries dropdown has options to change the color and opacity.