The edit sale window has its own menus and toolbar buttons.


Sale Menu

Save: saves the current sale.

Save As Template: save the current sale as a custom sale template.

Save and Close: saves and closes the current sale.

Close Without Saving: Closes the current sale without saving any changes.

Edit Menu

Cut: cuts currently selected text to the clipboard.

Copy: copies current selected text to the clipboard.

Paste: pastes the text from the clipboard into the current cell.

Clear: clears values for land, permanent plantings, income/expenses, improvements, discounted cash flow or attachments.

Cells Menu

Save as Response: saves the contents of the current cell to a stored drop-down list of responses for a given cell.

Edit Responses: opens the stored list of responses for the current cell, providing editing options for the list.

Tools Menu

Spell Check Comments: checks the spelling over all comment fields on the sale sheet.

Spell Check Cell: checks the spelling in the current sale sheet cell.

Calculate Land Values: auto calculates the land values in the land mix analysis section.

Allocate Expenses: auto allocates the expenses in the income analysis section.

Setup Device Source: opens a dialog box to enable device connects such as a scanner.

Database Menu (Enterprise Users Only)

Validate Sale: validates the current sale against the business and database rules.

Get Sale Index: fetches the next available unique index number from the database.

Link Sale to Database: used to link a newer sale to an existing one in the database; this is rarely used.

Zoom Menu

Normal: normal zoom; 100%.

Medium: medium zoom; 125%.

Large: large zoom; 150%.

Toolbar Buttons

1. Save: saves changes to the current sale.

2. Validate: enterprise users only; validates the current sale against the business and database rules.

3. Spell Check: spell checks all comment fields.

4. Calculator: opens the built in calculator.