To be able to import data from Surety, you must first have a Surety account.

To enable Surety import, first navigate to the Edit→Configuration screen. Click the Surety tab and click the checkbox to enable Surety Maps.

Open your sale for editing or create a new sale.

When you are ready to do the mapping, go to

to log into Surety maps.

Zoom into the property and draw the boundary.

Once the boundary is drawn, select AgWare Export. If the button isn't in the list, open a sale and click Tools→Import from Surety and click Open Surety. This enables the link.

Select what you want to import into the sale and click export. *Note some features require a pro subscription.

Surety will generate a number for you (This number is only valid for a few minutes and then will expire).

Click the number and it will be copied to your clipboard and a message will indicate that it has been copied.

In the DataLog sale write up, click tools import from Surety.

You will be presented with a SuretyImport dialog screen. Paste the number into the Surety Export ID and click Import.

This will add the selected PDFs to the attachments section.


You can now add the attachments as photo pages in  the photo pages section.