Creating Land Lists for UCRR (Uniform Country Rural Residential) and UAAR+Res (Uniform Agricultural Appraisal Report + Residential) Sales

For AgWare, there are some necessary differences in setting up a land list for rural residential sales as compared to agricultural sales.


Unlike for typical agricultural sales,the rural residential Land Use list designates the first row in the grid for the home site. The first true land row is the second row for this type of sale (Wooded in the example). No ratio is used on the 1st land row. Both acres and unit formats may be used for analysis.

In the example above, the 80-acre sale has 3 land uses: Site, Wooded, and Open. For rural residential sales, the site (developed or not) must be listed in the first row of the Land-Mix grid. This is necessary so that when the sale is later transferred into a report, it integrates correctly with designated UCRR or UAAR+Res pages. The example shows no residual value for improvements; this is an unimproved sale.

Notice that the site has been analyzed by Unit Size, with a value of “1” and a stated $/Unit value. This method is useful when considering a lot value as opposed to a per/acre value. It is an important distinction to be addressed in the report.